Hanns & Erving is a collective enterprise. A type of social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose.

Instead of investing cash, our members utilize their skills and talents as a means of investing in real estate development. This approach allows local residents to participate in the redevelopment of their neighborhood without the burden of amassing large sums of debt.

In return, each participant earns shares in proportion to the amount of time they spend restoring the property. Those shares are then paid out as dividends (or cash).

Hanns & Erving serves as a foundation for addressing a plethora of other social dilemmas including affordable housing, institutional investment and economic development.


Our mission is to stabilize underdeveloped communities through the restoration of blighted properties.



The process for an individual to become a member of Hanns & Erving is straightforward. Upon signing a New Member Agreement with the organization, a member is given the opportunity to select up to three trade areas that they would like to contribute to. These areas include, but are not limited to architecture, engineering, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, demolition and electrical. The member shall also provide a list of regular available days and hours they intend to commit to the organization. The availability of the member is then matched to that of other members to optimize scheduling and participation.
Once their member profile is complete, the member is required to complete a one-day orientation and also participate in a two-day Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training course. Once the member has completed the orientation and safety training they will be directed to a pilot project where they shall receive instruction based on the trade areas previously selected. After 20 hours live training, the member is deployed to a project based on their relative location, skill level and trade preference.



noun: nidification

    1. the act, process, or technique of building a nest.

A growing concern with creating high quality affordable housing in underserved areas is the reality that such efforts often increase property values and displace low-income families and small businesses. In understanding the dynamics of neighborhood development Hanns & Erving specifically tailored our development operations to relax the progression of what is known as gentrification.

Our approach to building equity augments the process gentrification; in a manner, that is responsible and person-centered rather than profit-centered. We do not believe that neighborhood residents are opposed to gentrification itself, but that they are genuinely dissatisfied with the results. Providing residents with an opportunity to actively participate in the growth and success of their neighborhoods allows them to assume a different perspective of the process of gentrification.

Gentrification can now be viewed as a process that provides opportunities for local residents to profit socially and economically as opposed to only the outside entities that have come solely to generate profits.

Our process is more centered towards nidification. We focus on building the strength and skills of those already present in the neighborhood so that they may develop the skills necessary to thrive in an open market. Hanns & Erving will train and educate our members to understand the effects of real estate development and its ability to foster the long term stability of their neighborhood. We will provide them with education on the effects of housing on health, education and the general well-being of our society. We understand that the process of change is a collective effort and does not happen instantaneously.